The Huyck Preserve 80th research celebration committee provided the impetus for this project, and included board members Geoff Carter, William Eldridge, Ph.D. and Lynn Love, along with Senior Research Fellow Sue Beatty, Ph.D., former board member and chair, Laura Carter, and Huyck executive director Anne Rhoads, Ph.D. / Huyck board president Alexandra van Horne warmly supported this project each step of the way. / Sue Beatty and Anne Rhoads helped clarify the content of A Field Guide to a Field Station, from the initial proposal to the final draft. Their steady, science-grounded input was vital. / Laura Carter provided extensive help and editorial feedback throughout the production of A Field Guide to a Field Station. Her writing about the Huyck Preserve at underpins several of the entries, and informs many others. / Huyck Preserve artists-in-residents gave this book authenticity. Their enduring gifts to the archive offer visual evidence of the Huyck Preserve’s value and uniqueness. / Ann Sappenfield designed A Field Guide to a Field Station. She is founder of Fluora Studio based in New York City. / Lynn Love wrote A Field Guide to a Field Station. She is a writer and Huyck board member based in New York City and Rensselaerville, NY. / Mark Hofschneider developed the A Field Guide to a Field Station website. He is founder of Counterpoint Media based in Saranac Lake, New York. / The financial support of Sappi Paper Company’s North American Ideas That Matter program—with their model of enabling designers to collaborate with non-profits—helps create valuable tools for meaningful communication. Their support makes lasting impact.